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Pass the Feather provides feather bundling services. All bundled feathers and medicines are free.


Hand beaded feather bundles. Made with glass seed beads over a hand made wooden handle. You choose your own feathers based on the medicines you'd like to carry.


Feathers are never for sale but can be bundled according to the medicines that you’d like to carry with you. These bundles are wrapped in hide creating the perfect tool to move your smoke.


Smudge Kits & Feather Keepers

This gorgeous pine chest closes with a wood button and elastic to keep your bundle safe. It is made in Ontario from sustainable Indigenous wood and for each box sold a tree is planted.We do not sell medicines, they are gifted to you in this set.

Prints, Books & Calendars

For over 30 years Dawn has been a writer and digital creator. Find her work in her 'little book' series.

Search Dawn's prints and order professional prints or download and print at home.

Dawn's 'Little Book' series includes, 'little book of bird medicines', little book of smudge and medicines', 'little book of women's medicines' and 'little book of gratitude and good mind'.

The first calendar of its kind, Dawn has tried to capture all that is important to Indigenous women and offers gentle reminders of changing seasons, moons and the natural world. Calendars include Moon times, Moon names, Moon water reminders, seasonal ceremonies and Indigenous dates and events like Orange Shirt Day and MMIW awareness.

Gentle Teachings & Free Downloads

As a survivor of Indigenous child apprehension, Dawn understands that not everyone has access to teachings, community or Elders. She was taught to share and that learning should always be free. Dawn offers everyone free resources and downloads on important ways of knowing.

Learn more about the 4 sacred medicines and order a print for delivery or download a free PDF file to print at home.

Ohén:ton Karihwatékwen is a daily reflection that is sacred to Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) nations. You can download this for free.

The most important connections and understandings a woman can carry is her connection to Grandmother Moon. Moon Water is medicine. Learn a bit more on Dawn's website.

Dawn loves web design. This is the most recent site she developed for Aunties On The Road and she looks forward to any opportunity to create clean presentations.

Dawn has designed logos for hundreds of Indigenous organizations and businesses including all Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada logos, books and marketing.

For over 30 years, Dawn has produced signage, custom imprinted promotional products (including t-shirts, pens, tote bags, buttons) and more. 

Pass The Feather, Dawn, Indigenous artist, artist, feathers, graphic design, web design, smudge feathers, IndigenARTSY, native american arts and crafts, moon time, moon water
Pass The Feather, Dawn, Indigenous artist, artist, feathers, graphic design, web design, smudge feathers, IndigenARTSY, native american arts and crafts, moon time, moon water


she keeps the feathers

Iehstoseranón:nha (She Keeps the Feathers)... Dawn Setford (Born: Mary Francis) is Akwesasronon, Kanien'kéha:ka (Mohawk), Wakhskaré:wake (Bear Clan) and a Feather Keeper. Her family was one of several Kanien'kehá:ka families from Akwesasne that settled on the banks of Moira Lake, Madoc, Ontario. Dawn is the founder and president of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (a Canada Not-for-profit Corporation) and owner at Pass The Feather. Pronounced: Yeh sto sa la new huh

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