Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen

Thanksgiving Address | Words Before All Else

A Hodinohso:ni Perspective Presented by a Kanien’kehá:ka Woman For The People

Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen | Words Before All Else | Thanksgiving Address

Each time we gather, there are words that come before all else. Today, I have the responsibility to put through the most important words – the ones of greetings and thanks. I will do the best that I can do.

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne onkwe’sónha nè:ne akwé:kon skén:nen akénhake. (I am thankful for the people, that everyone is at peace)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne yethi’nihsténha ohwentsya’kékha (I am thankful for our mother the earth)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne akwé:kon kahnekarónnyon tsi ohwentsyá:te (I am thankful for the waters of the earth)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne akwé:kon nè:ne ohonte’sónha yothontón:ni tsi onhwentsyá:te. (I am thankful for the plant life growing on earth)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne ononhkwa’sónha (I am thankful for the medicines)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne kario’ta’sónha (I am thankful for the free “wild” animals)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne karonta’sónha (I am thankful for the trees)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne otsi’ten’sónha (I am thankful for the birds)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne tsi yowerarátyes (I am thankful for the winds)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne ratiwé:ras (I am thankful for the thunderers)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne etshitewatsí:’a entye’kenékha karáhkwa (I am thankful for our elder brother the day-time sun)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne yethihsótha ahsontennékha wenhnì:tare (I am thankful for our grandmother the night-time moon)

Teyethinonhwerá:ton ne yotsistokwarónnyon tsi tkaronhyá:te (I am thankful for the stars in the sky)

Tetshitewanonhwerá:ton ne Shonkwaya’tíson (I am thankful for she who made our bodies)

Etho niyohtónhak nonkwa’nikònra.(So let us stay grateful in our minds and our actions)

Etho ok wa’katerihwatkwé:ni. (This is the best I can do)

Now, then, that is how far we have gone with our words. If there is anything that we have forgotten to mention, now, then, you could fix it or add to it on your own.

Now we opened the day. Therefore, let our minds be that way (appreciative). Those are all the words I have now.