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At the time that we joined together to ratify the Kayanare(n)kówa (Great Peace), a total eclipse darkened the skies so deeply that the nocturnal animals woke to encircle and witness the calm of the people who unified under the Great White Pine. As our brother the Sun re-emerged from behind the kindness of Grandmother Moon, all Onkwehonwe were awakened with a new sense of unity and we intend to walk in unity until the end of time.

Some kononkwe (women) are weaving the significance of the eclipse at the time of Kayanarekówa into the one that approaches in 2024. In this world of war, we are reminded of the monumental role that Peace Mother, Tsiokonsaseh played in establishing unity among the nations and calming even the most evil of men.

We are calling in Peace Mother now and we are elevating her and our voices to call for reunification. Some believe that Tekanawita/Deganawida (Peacemaker) will return as well and we have to unify our will to call them both.

Foundational to Haudenosaunee identity is the transmission of feminine knowledge, social structures and diplomacy and we have found a time and place to recapture that way of understanding; under the sky, hand in hand, in song and in a display of effeminate matrilineal power.

"Woman is the first environment. In pregnancy, our bodies sustain life. At the Breast of women, the generations are nourished. From the bodies of women flows the relationship of those generations both to society and the natural world. In this way the earth is our mother, the old people said. In this way, we as women are earth"

Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife, Akwesasne


Eclipse | April 8, 2024 | 3:20pm EST Buffalo

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