Rocks – “We are your oldest ancestors on Mother Earth. We remain, seemingly inanimate and yet we are filled with knowledge; we know things learned over deep time. We are the bones of Mother Earth, her skeleton, her structure.
We have seen thousands of years. Because we’re quiet,
you don’t notice us. We are under your feet at all times – holding upright all of humanity. We are gravel, we are dust, sand and mountains. We were your first canvas when you painted your dreams, your tool when you crushed leaves and released medicine. We hold your veins, the rivers.
We absorb heat from the Sun and store it for your comfort; sit and stand on us, feel our energy and you’ll shake with the spirits of your ancestors. We appear tobe hard and indestructible but we are easily shaped by gentle winds and cool, babbling streams – we are alive and filled with kindness.”

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