Welcome to our new store!

Pass The Feather is honoured to offer you only hand made items by Indigenous artists.

ALL proceeds from this page will go directly to the AACC so that we can continue to support the production and knowledge surrounding our endangered Indigenous art forms.

*ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN FEBRUARY 1st AND APRIL 1st will have significantly delayed delivery as we prepare for the Indigenous Women’s Arts Conference in Ottawa. If you order and don’t receive it, contact

*please note that orders may take time to ship as I travel frequently to facilitate Feather Bundle workshops. All feather bundles are custom orders and made on weekends. All other orders are shipped promptly if I am not traveling. Please be patient and if it is urgent, do not hesitate to email me at Nia:wen for understanding.

Coming Soon: Art and craft supplies will be offered at wholesale prices for Indigenous artists registered with the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada.

Yours in preserving endangered Indigenous arts and the next seven generations of Indigenous artists.