a little book of gratitude and good mind


This little 24 page booklet gently helps you become familiar with Indigenous spirituality as we return to our original place ‘of good mind’.

A lovely gift and gentle introduction to Indigenous ways of knowing and sharing. They are wrapped with love and each set has a gift inside.

Inside you’ll find a daily gratitude introduction, and an introduction to all things great and why we need to be thankful. This book is based on the daily posts that are written by Iehstóseranon:nha (She Keeps the Feathers) on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

If we don’t keep teaching each other, we will forget, and if you’re just returning home to culture and knowledge, this will be a gentle start. “My only hope is that by spreading gratitude and love, we will help each other strengthen our connections with Creation and each other and move forward with new generations of empowered, kind and humble Indigenous spirits”.

“We must learn to see each other the way the Moon sees the Sun, vastly different and equally important. This way of thinking is important when living ‘with Good Mind’.

Order all 4 ‘little books’ and get one 1/2 price: https://passthefeather.ca/shop/smudge-kits/little-books-set-of-4/



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Dimensions 20 × 25 × 1 cm

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