feather bundles

your bundle

Choosing your medicines, creating your bundle and using your bundle are all very personal movements.

Your bundle consists of what is important to you in order that you walk a good path and maintain spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. 

You must carry knowledge of why and how you use your feather or bundle - if you don't, your intentions will not be clear. While there are many theories that come with Indigenous ways of knowing, I can only share with you what I have learned from Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

In my teachings, the medicines are specific and when you carry a bundle, you use it with the intentions of that medicine. So, when I make someone a bundle, it is for a specific purpose.
It is a process of thoughtfulness and gratitude.
There are so many medicines provided to us...these choices keep us mindful when we take from Mother Earth. It takes deliberation to understand what you need.
If you take what you don't need, it will be useless. If you take too much, it will also be useless. We are not to be wasteful and always be grateful.

There are 3 styles and several colours of Feather Bundles to choose from...

choose your medicines and colours when you order.

When asking Dawn to wrap your feather bundle, you will have your choice of:

  • medicines you require - assistance is available).
  • bundle Size: "Tobacco" (double hide wrap), "Cedar" (single hide wrap) and "Sage" (smaller, single wrap).
  • hide colour (selection varies based on availability): brown, gold, white, black.
  • tie colour: black, white, brown, beige, navy, yellow, purple, pink.

*Beads used for our bundles are wood and come in limited colours. Dawn will select the wooden beads that match your bundle. If you prefer brightly coloured beads (pink, blue, purple), they will be plastic beads.  You must request these separately. Preference is to make your bundle from entirely organic matter.

*I will match the feathers according to the medicines that apply to you and your situation. Please respect that I cannot combine owl with high fliers or other combinations that are not in my teachings.


These bundles are very large.  An average bundle is up to 24" from top of the feather to bottom of fringe. Shipping costs reflect long box size.

“Oien’kwa’ón:we | Tobacco” Feather Bundle


“Onen’takwenhténhtshera | Cedar” Feather Bundle


“Átia’ | Sage” Feather Bundle


Our birds are sacred; they are our connection to Creator, the keepers of our environment and protectors and guiders of our existence.

Feathers have travelled to places that we cannot reach as mere people and are one of the most sacred items that can be given. A feather is a symbol from above that arrives unexpectedly and not without purpose.

Birds as our messengers do not part with their feathers unless there is good reason: a lesson to be taught, a message to be shared, a comfort to be given or a reminder that we need to improve upon our behaviour or ethics.

To possess a feather requires that you respect its significance. Keep a feather safe and clean, do not hide your feather in a closet, box or drawer, do not drop it on the ground. Your gift of a feather demands that you stay connected to it and the natural world – not forgetting that we rely on each other for survival and are all equal in insuring the health of the land.

To hold feathers is a gift and gifts should be reciprocated. If you have found a feather, please give back to say thank you. Put tobacco down.