Tobacco Seeds


Again this year, I’d like to make tobacco seeds available to you.

While I don’t have enough for everyone, I will do my best to fill your needs.

Each envelope mailed will have seeds and directions for planting and harvesting your tobacco.

Every person who receives seeds from me is expected to share their tobacco seeds with others when you collect them from your plants in the fall.

The envelopes will be mailed with basic postage and to be fair to everyone, expedited or rush packaging will not be available. For that reason, you will see that this ‘product’ is a ‘virtual’ product and you will not be required to enter shipping information – I will simply put your address and a stamp on the envelope and put in the mailbox. When you ‘purchase‘ this product you are only paying for the stamp. If you choose to donate more than $2, your money will be contributed to the cost of the envelopes and instructions. Larger donations are welcome and will be put towards programming for Indigenous women under our non profit organization called Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada. You are not paying for tobacco seeds or my time – this is a gift from me to you.

Tobacco is not for sale and should not be bought. If you receive seeds from me, you are promising not to sell them or the tobacco leaves that they produce.

*Sorry, tobacco seeds will not be shipped out of Canada. If you order from outside of Canada, you will not get your seeds in the mail.

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Tobacco Seeds

I cannot afford to pay, Donate $2, Donate $5, Donate $10, Donate $20