Calendar ‘Women’s Medicine’ Moon Time


Back because you asked. Thanks for making this girl feel so good. XO

This calendar will be available to order for a few days only. Once I get enough orders, I print and mail them out (so shipping will be delayed by a week or so… until I get enough orders). 

*FREE Book! For each calendar order, I will include a free ‘little book of gratitude’. Note: The little books were printed without a proper cover but inside, they are exactly the same as the ones I sell.

This calendar is designed with good intentions by Dawn Iehstoseranón:nha (she keeps the feathers) and is based on her ‘of good mind’ and ‘sisterhood’ series. It includes Moon times, Moon names, Moon water reminders, seasonal ceremonies and Indigenous dates and events like Orange Shirt Day and MMIW awareness.

The first calendar of its kind, Dawn has tried to capture all that is important to Indigenous women and offers gentle reminders of changing seasons, moons and the natural world.

We must learn to see each other the way the Moon sees the Sun, vastly different and equally important. This way of thinking is important when living ‘with Good Mind’.

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