a little book of bird medicines


2nd Editions • These little books are 2nd edition and have doubled in size to include more medicines, more bird love and more gratitude. If you loved the first editions, you’ll adore the second editions.

This little booklet gently urges us towards our original place ‘of good mind’. A lovely gift and gentle introduction to Indigenous ways of knowing and sharing. They are wrapped with love and each set has a gift inside.

This little booklet gently helps you become familiar with Indigenous spirituality as it pertains to the medicines that the birds carry. Inside you’ll find medicines for the Eagle, Owl, Hawk, Heron, Cardinal and more as well as the directions they hold as Gatekeepers.

The bird is revered for its proximity to Creator. We look up to birds; they inspire us with their ability to rise above the earth and soar above the clouds; disconnected from earthly concerns and crossing into the Spirit World. This ability to travel between worlds is why they are considered a critical connection to Creator, our Ancestors and the people that we mourn.

If we don’t keep teaching each other, we will forget, and if you’re just returning home to culture and knowledge, this will be a gentle start. “My only hope is that by spreading gratitude and love, we will help each other strengthen our connections with Creation and each other and move forward with new generations of empowered, kind and humble Indigenous spirits”. You asked for books, Dawn made books.

“We must learn to see each other the way the Moon sees the Sun, vastly different and equally important. This way of thinking is important when living ‘with Good Mind’.

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