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Smudge Kits & Feather Bundles


Smudge kits are a valuable tool when communicating with Creator, clearing your thoughts and freshening your space.

Everyone deserves to smudge and we understand that many people do not have access to traditional tools and desire to use them to enhance their spirituality.

Important: You can have your own smudge kit. You do not have to buy any tools for this spiritual gesture. You can use a dish, bowl or pan instead of a shell. Creator is not judging what you use - it's what is in your heart - it's your good intentions that matter.

Our kits contain sage, a large (4-7") Abalone Shell, 'Sage' Feather Bundle (can upsize), Smudge Card and birch bark basket.

You will get a gift of sage with your kit. We do not sell medicines.

Smudge Kits are $95 + shipping.

Abalone Shells

Originally, our people traded with coastal nations for these shells. They were an ideal vessel to burn our medicines and contributed the element of water to our kits.

These shellfish are now protected in the U.S. and Canada due to overfishing in the 70's and 80's. The shellfish were in high demand as aphrodisiacs and were sold in restaurants as delicacies.

Abalone can be imported from countries that are farming or still have a healthy population and should always be ethically sourced.

Wooden Stand

It is unknown how these stands became part of our traditional smudge kit.

These stands or 'Cobra' stands are made in India. They are usually hand carved from one piece of wood. They are beautiful but are not traditional to our people.

For this reason, we are no longer offering the wooden stand with our smudge kits.


Birch Basket

Our birch baskets are made in Ontario from native birch trees.

They are strong and beautiful.

Each basket is different and measure about 22" long and 6" wide.

Baskets can be purchases separately ($30 + shipping).



Smudge Card

This smudge card is perfect to understand the process and spirituality of smudge.

Outside of the card is a smudge prayer. Inside the card is the explanation of the medicines and on the back are instructions on the traditional way of practicing your spirituality with burning medicines. Cards are printed on top quality 100% deckled edge paper with envelope.


Build Your Feather Bundle

There are 3 styles and several colours of Feather Bundles to choose from...

When asking Dawn to wrap your feather bundle, you will have your choice of:

  • Available feathers (pick your feathers based on the medicines you require - assistance is available).
  • Bundle Size: "Tobacco" (double hide wrap), "Cedar" (single hide wrap) and "Sage" (smaller, single wrap).
  • Hide colour (selection varies based on availability): brown, gold, white, black.
  • Tie colour: black, white, brown, beige, navy, yellow, purple, pink.

*Beads used for our bundles are wood and come in limited colours. Dawn will select the wooden beads that match your bundle. If you prefer brightly coloured beads (pink, blue, purple), they will be plastic beads.  You must request these separately. Preference is to make your bundle from entirely organic matter.

*I will match the feathers according to the medicines that apply to you and your situation. Please respect that I will not always combine owl with high fliers or other combinations that are not in my teachings.

These bundles are very large. An average bundle is up to 24" (2 feet) from top of the feather to bottom of fringe. 

“Oien’kwa’ón:we | Tobacco” Feather Bundle


“Onen’takwenhténhtshera | Cedar” Feather Bundle


“Átia’ | Sage” Feather Bundle


Hide Colours

There are many colours of hide to choose from. Feel free to ask for a certain colour and I'll do my best to accommodate.