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Pass The Feather is First Nations owned and operated from the Mohawk | Algonquin | Mississauga territories of eastern Ontario (Hastings). Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) live in this territory of Moira Lake and Madoc including several families from Akwesasne territory (Francis, Allards & Mitchells).

This is a unique and traditional Haudenosaunee led business specializing in bundling services of sacred feathers. Dawn is also a creator of Indigenous inspired graphic design, photography and websites.


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Dawn Setford (Mary Francis Whiteman) Iehstóserinon:nha is Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk), Wakhskare:wake (Bear Clan) and a Feather Keeper whose familial territory is St.Regis/Akwesasne. Her family was one of several Akwesasne families that settled on the banks of Moira Lake, Madoc, Ontario.

Dawn is the founder and president of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (a Canada Not-for-profit Corporation) and owner at Pass The Feather. In taking inspiration from the Haudenosaunee Seventh Generation Principle, Dawn Iehstóseranon:nha, founded the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada in 2012 to preserve and revitalize endangered Indigenous art forms and enrich lives through Indigenous arts and culture. In safe and inclusive spaces, through community based learning, she engages, [re]connects and empowers Indigenous women by promoting the transfer and conservation of cultural knowledge; securing the capacity for the next seven generations to retain and cultivate intrinsic cultural connections. Seven years later she launched her first Indigenous Women's Arts Conference.

Dawn is a community-engaged visual and media artist who advocates for equality and facilitates the creation of informed opinions of Indigenous cultures. Dawn's background in the arts, business marketing and management is combined with her creativity to bring customers the very best representation.

Pass The Feather is a company born from the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada 2016 programming.


work and education

indigneous women's arts and entrepreneurship conference, ottawa, aacc, aboriginal arts Collective of Canada, Pass The FEather, Ribbon SkirtsIndigenous Women's Arts and Entrepreneurship Conference, Indigenous Arts Conference, Pass The Feather, Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada, Willis College, St. Laurent Shopping CentreDawn is the organizer of the Indigenous Women's Arts and Entrepreneurship Conference. This event is held at Willis College in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa and offers free traditional Indigenous arts workshops to hundreds of Indigenous women. The conference also boasts a diverse vendor membership; dozens of artists sell their products in the shopping centre during the IAC.

Dawn is the creator of IndigenARTSY.com. Under the umbrella of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Dawn has created the largest Indigenous artist collective and launched a new on line marketplace to advance Indigenous arts and artists. SHOP NOW!

Dawn dedicated many years of volunteer work for the Sixties Scoop Network / National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network committee as the creator of their logo and graphic designs for social media, print and web. Other web and graphic design work includes Century 21 Central America (1999),  All Image Promotions (1994-1998), Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (Walking In Her Moccasins), Millside Ceramics, the Grey Bruce Aboriginal Qimmiq Team and 15 years serving the veterinary industry.

Dawn is a member of the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Educators Association of Ontario, she is part of an advisory group and is collaborating with the roundtable for the Indigenous Arts Economic Study by AANDC, a regular contributor to Aboriginal Women’s Economic Quarterly Indigenous, Spirit Magazine (Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada) and works retail spaces and the powwow trail to market, educate and promote the hand made works of fine Indigenous artisans.

Dawn attended Niagara College, Brock University, George Eastman House (analog photography) and Dundas Valley School of Art. Major - visual arts, Minor - Aboriginal Studies.

Dawn spent 3 years living in Central America studying Indigenous cultures, their language and arts.

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feathers and workshops

Dawn is a Feather-Keeper and artist. Her extensive collection of feathers is utilized in workshops where participants create talking feather bundles, personal smudge feathers and regalia fans.

Dawn is an Indigenous adoptee and infuses her workshops with important perspectives regarding intergenerational trauma and the 60's scoop - a program aimed at removing young children from their communities and placing them in non-Indigenous homes. She explores sharing circle customs, bird medicine and intergenerational trauma in each workshop.

Dawn’s workshops are held in safe spaces within public and private school systems, summer camps, workplaces, community groups, federal buildings and on-reserve educational facilities.

Clients include private and public school boards across Ontario, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa School of Art, Residential School Survivors Adjudication Secretariat, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Correctional Service of Canada among others.

Dawn spearheads a program that helps Ontario hunters recycle the wings and tails of their harvest and works closely with wildlife rehabilitation centres, zoos and aviaries. Her husband Derek drives all of Eastern and Southern Ontario picking up the birds and Dawn cleans them at home. The feathers are then used in our workshops to teach equality, indigenous bird medicines, sharing circles and restorative justice practices.


For more information on our feather recycling program, click here FEATHERS FOR KIDS!

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